Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bye bye blogspot

I have been having major issues trying to post pictures to my blogspot account so I am switching to wordpress for your viewing pleasure! Pleasee visit us at

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catch up to speed,again!

Okay so I have been sooo bad. We sold the house and moved the family to Alabama to spend the summer at Camp ASCCA. If you have any doubt that your life is wonderful you should spend some time here. The campers here all live with some form of disability and they are all amazing people. They will tell you that the day camp ends is the day they start looking forward to next summer. I met people who have been coming to camp here for over 20 years! They have touched all of our lives in ways that words can not express. At the end of summer I was asked to remain full time as the director of health services,as was the plan. We were very grateful for the experience and the offer but we have caught wind of the road and we are just not ready to settle down in one place. So we took the house money and bought a new Eagle Ridge 35 DSRL fifth wheel. No, it's not the one we thought was our dream but we tried to be a little more practical. Not to mention that it is paid in full and there is alot to be said for being debt free. So where to now? New Mexico!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Part of a much bigger plan...

So we all know it, or at least have felt it at some point. We are just players in a master plan. Well I think we"ve just been played. To catch you up here is what happened...When we planned on going OTR I applied for all kinds of jobs that would let us stay in our RV. Then the deal on our house fell through so I started thinking that all this FOTR business was insane and would never work. Just when we had decided that, okay it was a great thought but we should just count our blessings and stay put, I received an email that I thought I would never get. Sometimes when you apply over the Internet for jobs it's fun to throw in one of those dream jobs just for kicks, you know, the ones you really don't expect to get a call from but it's fun to think, for the amount of time it takes to post your resume, that you might have a chance. In this case it was a job working as a nurse for an Easter Seals Camp.I love to work with people of different abilities. I have always felt deep down that this was what I was supposed to do in life. So when I called back it started to sound like maybe I really could get my dream job. What else could I do, I packed up the family and my poor husband and he drove 12 hours to take me to an interview with the nicest people I have ever met.
I had to explain to them that I don't have the rv and therefore I can't accept the position and they said that's okay. They generally only provide housing for the nurse but they are willing to accommodate our entire family. After spending the day we knew we had no choice this is the way I am supposed to go. This is what my family is supposed to do. We accepted the position and now we just have to find a way to make it work. Well, when you follow the Master plan things work out in your favor. On the way home from the interview we received a phone call that we had another offer on the house. Gee, we could take the offer,buy the rv, and hit the open road just like we had planned! NOT A CHANCE, you just don't mess with the plan

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time's almost up!

Here we are...still waiting. It's almost over but I have everything ready so it seems like time is dragging by. Everything we own is now divided into stacks. Take with you,leave at my mother's or what in the world are we gonna do with that. Thankfully the lady who bought the house wanted it fully furnished so the only thing we have to deal with is personal effects. This lady has even agreed to let our over active boxer to remain in the only home she has ever known. We just couldn't imagine her being confined to an rv lot when she is used to having the run of the farm. If anyone has any ideas about how to not lose your mind while waiting we would love to hear them! I think we are going crazy..oh wait, according to most people, we already did.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Betty the Beast

We bought the new truck home yesterday. We fully intended on naming her Destiny. That was before we got to know her. All the way home from North Carolina I kept pushing buttons. There are buttons for everything. I don't think I will ever figure them all out. I did figure out how to set a destination in the navigation system so I programed our home town. I was very proud of myself until I realized that I didn't know how to control the volume. Everytime we got off an exit to look at somthing or stop for gas she would yell "MAKE A LEGAL U-TURN" I thought the kids would go insane. Then we got home. Have you ever put a dually into a regular garage? It is a very tight fit. About 4 inches of space all the way around. Once we got her in and got the door shut Travis looked at me and said,"Man,she's a beast!" So, there you have it, Betty the Beast.
The ride home gave us time to REALLY talk. It seems so much of our life has just been accomplishing goals. Build a house,buy a new car, get a better job. We have really lost sight of the most important goal, be a happy family.I know alot of people think we are nuts but I hear the same reasons over and over again. I couldn't live in such a small place with my family, but you have such a nice house, what about your family, what about your kids education? Are they really listening to what they are saying?
That is the whole point. This big house and rushed lifestyle is letting my family slip away from me. I work all day and most of the evening, by the time I get home it's time for the kids to go to bed. On my days off they are in school. How many of these nay sayers even have any idea what thier kids are learning in school? I want to know that my kids are doing more than reading aboout life. I want them to live it. I want to spend quality time with my husband and my kids, not let them spend their childhood closed up in their rooms playing video games or watching tv.
I am sure if you are reading this you probably have some of the same feelings. I would love to get to know some of the families out there better. We don't care if you have no kids or 10. If you are in a luxury motorhome or a tent camper. We want just want to hear from you. Give us a little advice, or ask for some. Just say hi, or become lifelong freinds. I want to show my kids that it doesn't matter where people come from or how much money they have. That there are all types of great people who would like to be their freind just because. So drop us a line. We'll look forward to seeing you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Catch up to speed

I am making this post to bring everybody up to speed with our insanity. We built a new house in the country two years ago. We lived in a subdivision before and felt suffocated.We quickly learned that we are not farmers. I started looking at other places to live and work all across the country and found that the best way to find nursing jobs is through a travel company.The problem was is that how will we know if we really like it somewhere that we have never lived. The obvious answer...Live everywhere for a little while.Only problem...the mortgage on the new house,and we still had not put the old ouse on the market. So we decided to sell them both. This means if both sell we will be essentially homeless.
Okay so we sold our old house and our new house is now under contract. This is the longest I think I have ever waited for anything. Hopefully, if everything goes right we should be OTR by April 15th.We found a truck to pull the toy hauler that we love but don't have. We took some of the profit from our old house and are trading in our truck and my work car. This means if the deal from the new house falls through we are going to be taking a 3500 dually the hour drive to work every day. This will not be good. We just couldn't pass up the deal that Earnhardt Chevrolet made us. Thanks John! So now it's time to hold our breath and pray.